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 When Legal Professionals need an Expert in Real Estate Valuations, Metro Residential Appraisals is the Clear Choice

Metro Residential Appraisals Metro Residential Appraisals have assisted leading prestigious Family Law Firms when it comes to Legal Proceedings in matters ranging from Divorce Proceedings - establishing fair market value of the marital home in the Property Settlement Agreement to Estates and Trusts. When your law firm teams up with Metro Residential Appraisals you can be assured your case with be treated with the respect and urgency in which every case does.

Bankruptcy Valuations

In legal proceedings of Bankruptcy of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Restructuring of Debt, typically the Professional Legal Team for the defendant needs to have a value placed on any Real Property holdings.  The Valuation Experts at Metro Residential Appraisals are experienced in these types of valuation matters.   Our firm have been engaged by Law Firms from around the Delaware Valley because of our local Geographical Competence - good knowledge and understanding of the neighborhood / market area where the property that is being appraised. Metro Residential Appraisals has two office locations, our Corporate Office is located in Voorhees, NJ with an additional office in Philadelphia, PA.  Attorneys and the court's Trustee have always relied on our valuations because we are Local Experts and always have supportive documentation when it comes to the litigation of Bankruptcy. We are the Valuation Experts of Real Property.

Divorce Legal Matters / Dissolution of Marital Real Property:

As an attorney handling a
divorce or mediation, you need solid, defensible documentation that provides an accurate determination of your client's property value in order to provide an equitable distribution of real property holdings between all parties. Typically these values are as of the date of the filing of the divorce complaint with the county courts and require a retrospective value. These retrospective values require precision and a methodical approach when forming the opinion of value which produce creditable results which are defensible in a court of law. More...

As experienced professionals who understands and respects the sensitive and private nature of a divorce, we are committed to providing you only the most exact, most thorough property appraisals quickly.

Estate Taxation and Trusts.

We have often been engaged in Valuation Assignments for matters of Estate Law. Some of the more recent assignments include establishing fair market value of real property assets for Attorney’s clients who are heirs and are in receivership after the demise of the property owner. In these cases a Date of Death Valuation is necessary to for credible opinion of value for State and Federal taxes as well as with the deceased person’s will is being challenged in a court of law. Our firm have been involved in these types of cases where the value of the property in question needs to be formulated years ago. It requires experience and expertise to for these complex valuation assignments. As Baby Boomers are getting older and establishing wills and trusts for their beneficiaries of real property, Legal Professionals have relied on Metro Residential Appraisals to establish values for the disposition of their real property assets. We have that experience and expertise many Legal Professionals have expected and are in complete confidence of our firm’s capabilities.

Property Taxation / Ad Valorem Tax Appeals

Our appraisers are experienced in the Ad Valorem Tax Appeal process in New Jersey. We take a phased approach when we are engaged in these assignments to establish if there is a basis of the appeal after gathering some basic information from our clients. David Kaytes, SCRREA is an associate member of the International Organization of Assessing Officers ( IAAO) to remain current on recent changes and laws affecting Ad Valorem Taxation, striving towards accreditation of a Certified Tax Assessor in the State of New Jersey. At the current time within our cooperative set of Appraisers we have two CTA’s who are invaluable resources here at Metro Residential Appraisals to you, our client. More...

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