As Certified Residential Appraisers we meet with realtors during the site visit when performing an appraisal for a sale, we often hear " Is there going to be a problem with value or comparables to potentially hurt the sale from going through? ".  With a Listing Appraisal selling realtors and homeowners alike, will know that your listing is priced competitively to reduce extended days on the market and get the home to closing faster. 

Metro Residential Appraisals provides a quality Listing Appraisal service for local Realtors and Homeowners.  You may be asking, "Why would I need a Listing Appraisal?" Here are 10 reasons:

Top 10 Reasons to obtain a Listing Appraisal


1.  A Listing Appraisal will ensure accurate measurement of the home's Gross Living Area as well as contributory building area including additions that may have been added onto the property which is not reflected in the public records which many realtors often use to list the Gross Living Area (GLA) of a home.

2.  A Listing Appraisal can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to close on a house by eliminating the delay of waiting for the buyer's mortgage company to order and receive their own appraisal. The appraisal is usually the last step in the mortgage process and since we already have a completed appraisal on the property, we can convert the Listing Appraisal a FNMA 1004 form and make updates as necessary as soon as we receive a request from the mortgage company. 

3.  A Listing Appraisal can help make sure your listing is accurately priced for the current market and convince seller's and buyer's of the properties market value. Potential buyers and showing Realtors will be very impressed that a professional, full copy of a recent appraisal has been completed and placed where potential buyers can view the report.

4.  A Listing Appraisal can help impress buyers with written proof of a home's condition inside and out, decreasing the chances of your sale falling through due to unknown problems.

5.  We are FHA Approved.  You'll be aware of any potential repair problems and eliminate last minute repair hassles that might delay the sale of your listing.

6. We are local appraisers who have a complete understanding of your market area. 

7. Investors who are looking to "flip" a home which has been remodeled like to know what the property would be worth after renovations have been completed. (After Repair Value) This is very important for planing renovation budgets.

8. We have a proven track record of success with our clients using Listing Appraisals as a marketing tool to buyers. 

9. An overpriced home is unlikely to attract an offer.  What is worse if a property is overpriced other Real Estate Agents and other potential buyers may not even bother to show or see an overpriced home to their buyers.  In today's market competition is great - arm your tool chest with this type of marketing tool to give buyers a sense of confidence they are buying with confidence. 

10. A Listing Appraisal can assist you with valuing unique or complex properties.

 As Certified Appraisers, our only job is providing customers with accurate property values. We have experience working with realtors, investors and homeowners who are selling their properties in today's market by providing an accurate opinion of value to minimize extended market exposure and maximize profits.  Many realtors add comments to their listing on Paragon MLS after an appraisal is performed informing other Realtors in the area there is true market value in your listing and have included a copy of the report with brochures left in the home for buyers to see first hand.

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