New Jersey Property Tax Appeals Have Critical Dates

Your tax assessment card should be mailed to you - NJ State Law requires the county / municipality must mail your Property Tax Card to NJ residents by February 1st.


Homeowners must deliver your completed tax appeal applicaiton to the County Board of Taxation, Township Clerk, and County Tax Assessor by April 1st or any extention deadline set forth by each county or state. Some instances for an extention is due to a Township could have completed a reevaluation of the homes in your neighborhood.  This this case the Appeal Deadline is typically extended to May 1st.  It is very important to meet this deadline.  Call or contact us for the specific dates where your property is located.


3 years, IN New Jersey the Freeze Act provides that if you prevail on a tax appeal, the assessor cannot modify your tax assessment for a minimum of two years after you win. This means a minimum of three years tax savings. Most municipalities separate tax re-evaluations by many years. Your win at the County Tax Board may serve you for years into the future.